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Writing about history and Politics

The Progressive Gene fuses the idea of a universal, genetically determined personal and social morality with the expression of that morality in the individual's political philosophy. 

Although this connection extends to and encompasses society as a whole,  the books focuses on the far left of the political spectrum where the Progressives reside.

We look for answers to the following questions:

Why is American politics so polarized?

Does one party have a better approach to governing?

What direction should the country be taking?
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Contemporary American Politics

This is a time of disagreement and polarization in American politics caused by an exaggerated focus on the extreme ends of the political specturm by the 24 hour news media and the Internet. My goal is to expose this false reality for what it is.
Recent behavior of the 24 news media and the Internet has caused journalistic standards to sink to a new low in the United States. Repect for institutions and individuals is non-existant as the media fight over viewership.
Our political system is polarized and ideology is given a higher priority than the interests and needs of the American people. Moreover, politicians are in the pockets of lobbyists and special interest groups who have an outsized influence on their votes,
The only way to fix this problem is to ignore the rants of the news media and get down to evaluating what we're getting out of our government. If our representatives won't work for us, we need new representatives.

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